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Ideas around culture development have slowly grown in prominence with business leaders’ thinking particularly in the last five years.  Employee surveys and methodologies for engagement and employee satisfaction have been the hallmark of many Human Resource department activities to increase productivity and profitability. Yet recent Gallop surveys reveal that over 100 million US employees hate their jobs or are emotionally disengaged from their work.


All of us have a business culture, whether it's recognized or not. Culture is how we do things. It's how we treat each other. It's what we value. It's what we think of as normal codes of behavior.


Can you believe in creating a manufacturing environment that's successful, efficient, productive, and a place people want to come to work; a place of dignity, learning, respect, and fun? First you have to imagine it.


Manufacturing with Heart has developed simple, workable actions and systems for small to mid-size manufacturers to transition their organizational structure and culture. We help companies prioritize their wants and needs, and design custom-tailored solutions by asking powerful questions and actively listening.

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