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Introduction to Manufacturing with Heart®


Twenty-first century American manufacturing is poised to reinvent itself – for the better. Old models and mindsets are giving way to a completely new paradigm:  Heart.

Manufacturing with Heart® explains how to transform your organization into a place of greater satisfaction for employees, customers, and stakeholders. You’ll learn how to create a positive, profitable, and productive workplace where everybody wins.

Change starts at the top. As a manufacturing CEO or executive, scheduling a call with us is your first step. Instead of wasting time on silly distractions and conflicts, focus on what matters. If you want to move from surviving to thriving, this book is for you. The manufacturing landscape is rapidly changing. Behaviors that made you successful in the past are no longer relevant to a dynamic future. As you begin to understand more about process, culture, and technology, you’ll see the challenges of ‘business as usual.’

We are not offering Band-Aid solutions so your old structure can last just a little longer. Quick fixes usually ignore root causes. Rather, Manufacturing with Heart® is a new way of thinking and behaving. It calls for global change in your organization. This is not for everyone.

It takes time and commitment. It takes courage for personal growth. Yet, if you can risk trusting people to be their best, if you have a strong desire for meaningful change, then working with us will prepare you for a profitable and satisfying future.

All of us have a business culture, whether it’s recognized or not. Culture is how we do things and treat each other. It’s what we value. We’ll help you unlock a culture where you can influence and ultimately transform your organization.

Leadership requires vision. But you knew that. What’s just as important is courage, and the commitment to stay the course. Real change doesn’t happen overnight. Our services are not theory…we will roll up our sleeves and help guide you along your path to create a culture of inclusiveness, collaboration, and trust; a place where improved communication leads to better and faster decision making; a place where it became a lot more fun to run – and work for!

Our method is holistic. In other words, it addresses everything – how the big picture and the details are interconnected. Small changes can have large effects. Our process connects everyone in the organization in new ways which improves efficiencies and work culture.

Our new model brings together two elements:

Heart Culture and a process-centered organization (PCO)

PCO replaces single-task focus with a holistic process – and integrated collection of tasks. New ways of doing things leads to new insights, and new insights lead to more satisfying, productive, and meaningful behavior. Each iteration pumps new life into your ever-evolving organization, so the organization actually learns from itself. As a CEO, this means you have more time to steer your organization toward a better future.

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