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Consulting services to help you move from ME to WE!

Strategic Planning

Central to the development and growth of your organization isn’t what you do, rather it’s WHO YOU ARE?! Your beliefs, your vision, your mission and goals.

As consultants, our job is to learn about your organization then help guide you along the way. Afterall, this is your journey.


What do you want to create? First you have to imagine it, then you have to involve others.

Core Beliefs

Your beliefs set the tone for your company. Beliefs drive your actions – make sure they are in sync!


Defining WHY you exist and sharing this with your people creates a blueprint for action.


Define your goals and objectives, then ensure your organization is structured so that they are attainable.

SpaceX Rocket Launching from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station

Process-Centered Organization (PCO)

Corporate structures either prevent or encourage collective creativity. A process-centered workplace replaces mind-numbing routine with learning and flexibility while providing employees with easy access to information to speed up decision making and actions.

Simply put, a process-centered organization (PCO) is a fundamental analysis and redesign of how things get done and who gets to do them. At Abrasive Technology, we have been successfully operating using PCO since 2001 in both domestic and international facilities.


Employee Morale
Decision Speed


Operating Cost
Busy Work
Workplace Friction
CEO Stress Levels

I remember the sales meeting when Butch became the first Process Engineer. He announced, “The boat is turning left. And if you’re not onboard, it’s perfectly alright, but we’re going that way.” That way was the way of the process-centered organization. That really stuck with me. The company is almost self-sustaining because of it. I have a degree in business management and I thought, “Man alive, where he’s headed to is probably the most efficient and cost-effective way to run a company anywhere.”

– Customer Communications, Sales – Abrasive Technology


Culture Development

Culture is how we do things. It’s how we treat each other. It’s what we value. It’s what we think of as normal codes of behavior.

Culture governs behavior.

Denison Consulting research of 1,000 global companies links culture and leadership improvements to increased profitability, sales growth & market value showing robust predictive and longitudinal effects on performance.

Heart Culture is sincere and engages humans at a very deep level. It is open to new experience. It looks for the best in people and makes a place for them to grow. Heart Culture unifies opposites and breaks down barriers.

Let us help you understand the role your culture is playing and guide you on the journey to Cultivate a Positive and Productive Workplace®.


“He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still” – Lao Tzu

Leadership Development for all Employees

Business people usually think of growth as expansion of capital, markets, resources, and profit. But evolution’s multi-directional growth includes workers’ self-development. This is holistic manufacturing, which can be better understood by introducing the concept of the holon.

A holon is a basic unit, and complete system in itself. At the same time, everyone holon is part of a larger system. For example, atoms are things in themselves. Molecules are a collection of atoms. A molecule has a distinct identify, yet it’s also a think in itself and it includes atoms. Molecules combine to form more complex structures, and so on.

The mantra here is “transcend and include.“

A single person is a holon. A group of people is a more complex holon, made up of numerous individuals.

The capabilities of a work group transcend the capabilities of any one individual in the team. All the teams together make up the holonic body of the corporation.

As each individual in a team becomes better skilled, expands capabilities, and improves inter-personal communication, the more capable becomes the workgroup. You move from rules to guidelines to suggestions. As each person is more functional, the whole team benefits. As each team is more effective, so is your company. You’re able to focus on what matters.

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